Hi There! I'm Aaron.
I'm a 20 Year Old Game Developer from the UK

Most of my games are made in Game Jams.
You can find a showcase of my best games below.
If you want to see all my games, check out my Itch Profile

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A Quiet Little Town

A short creepy Horror game made about helping a small town.

Made in a few days for the
Scream Jam 2021

Music by Aidan "Knowhere" Hendry


An intentionally janky rage game merging Getting Over It and QWOP.

Made in 48 hours for the
13th Alakajam

Spooky House Game

A Short Horror Game about exploring an abandoned House.

Made in a team of 3 in a few days for the
Scream Jam 2020

Art by BeeBopBop, Sound by Mark Platt

Port Panic

A time-based Sailing game about travelling from port to port as fast as possible.

Made Solo in 48 hours for the 10th Alakajam

Cluck Dungeon

A Puzle Game about leading an uncooperative Chicken through a trapped Dungeon.

Made Co-op in 72 hours for the Bonfire Jam.

Made with art by

Wall Guys

Smash through walls to beat the 5 levels while keeping your health up!

Made Solo in 48 hours for the Miz Jam 1.

The Jam Art Kit was the
Kenney 1 bit pack

Weather the Storm

A Story of a blizzard, a traveller, and 2 hallucinations.

Made Co-op in around 2 Weeks for the I Can't Write But Want to Tell a Story Jam.

Made with art by

What Does This Button Do?

A top down shooter where the answer to "What Are The Controls?" is Yes.

Made Co-op in 48 hours for the GMTK Jam with the theme "Out Of Control"

Made with art by


Start a huge firefight by shooting at a single enemy.

Made in 9 hours total for the Triple TriJam, with the theme "Chain Reaction"

Saboteur Sidekick

Tired of being disrespected as a Robot Minion? Time for some revenge...

Made in 48 hours for the 4 Colour Jam, with the Theme "You are secretly the Villian"


Connect to as many Nodes as possible while running from the Chaser Node.

An arcade style game made Solo for the ScoreSpace x Alakajam game jam in 72 Hours.

High scores were submitted on
The Alakajam Website

Save The Artist

The Artist has been kidnapped! Guess some programmer art will have to do...

Made for the I Can't Draw But Want To Make A Game (Again) Jam

Just A Normal Game

A Meta platformer about following the Narrators instructions and definitely not breaking out in any way at all.

Made for the Solent Winter Jam 2020